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Foreign trade collection! Change the development letter in a few minutes, and increase your order rate by 2 times
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The development letter is a must-have skill for the small partners in the foreign trade industry. Many small partners are troubled by the poor development of the letter and the low response rate. I have worked hard to search for guest information from various yellow pages, and the result is either stone sinking or dozens of bounce letters. Sometimes someone can return to "No, thanks".

The development letter is not good, and the effect of developing customers is definitely not ideal. I have summarized the problems and solutions that the small partners have in the process of writing the development letter, and collected several commonly used development letter templates, I hope to help everyone.

Common problems and solutions


The text is too long, it is difficult to see it at a glance

Foreigners look at emails in general for 3 seconds, and they are easily thrown into the trash.

Be sure to remember Occam's razor principle: If you don't have to, don't add entities, don't say anything like "Do you want our products?" Directly, telling the guests who you are and what products to sell, the advantage is enough.


Appear in the text“From the internet”

Think about it, you receive a lot of messy emails every day, and you are upset. As a result, someone tells you: "I found your information online, do you want to check out my products."

If I am, I am sure that the second is black, and by the way, the information leak is too serious.

The same applies to foreigners, "Fromthe internet, we get your company name." This is basically the standard for garbage bin mail.

In fact, there is absolutely no need to be so honest, you can write a "ambiguous" point. To avoid the source of information, ask the customer directly: "We're glad to hear that you're on the market for..." (We are very happy to learn that you are interested in a certain product), reducing the length and highlighting the key points.


Company introduction too much

When we go to the website, we basically don't go to the "About Us" section, and the customers are not interested.

It's best to take it with you. When he is interested in all aspects of your product and price, start to develop your own brand marketing.


Not paying attention to cultural differences

We often focus only on the accuracy of translation, but forget the differences in language logic and style that result from cultural differences.

For example, we are used to using active voices such as We and I, but in fact foreigners are used to passive voice. For example, to send samples, we like to say "We'llsend you the samples tomorrow." But in fact, the language logic that foreigners are used to is: "Samples will be sent to you tomorrow."

If you don't pay attention to cultural differences, foreigners will find it very strange to read, and they will also question our professionalism.


Like to insert attachments, images and URLs

Everyone may think that the picture is more conducive to displaying the product, and the website is also convenient for users to understand the company. But the problem is that users don't open it, it's likely to be deleted directly as spam, and these attachments or URLs are likely to be intercepted by foreign servers.

The first time to write the best copy of the development letter, do not appear any pictures and attachments, and do not appear in the text of the company website. If the customer does not have the specified requirements or has already started the inquiry, try to avoid excel or word attachments, it is best to write directly in the mail text.


Too hard to tone

If a stranger sent you two emails, "Please reply me before tonight" and "If possible, can you reply to me tonight? Thank you very much"

Who are you willing to reply to?

The effect of emails and face-to-face conversations or telephone conversations is completely different. Text is the only way to express our emotions and attitudes. In particular, we are in contact with our customers for the first time. We must pay attention to our own tone in wording, and use the words "please, help, kindly, could, appreciate".

There is also "If youneed the price to compare with your partner gives, welcome!", we originally wanted to express our self-confidence, the quality of the products is not afraid of comparison, but foreigners may feel that you are belittle other businesses, You will also feel that your product has a "cheap sense."

To sum up, it is to understand the situation of the client company, explain the unique advantages of the product in the most comfortable language in the most refined language.

Common template

Simple version


We, XXX is professional in precision machining for nearly 10years, covering high precision machining parts, casting parts, metal parts,etc.

Hope to establish business relationship with you!

Any comments, that'll be appreciated! 



introduce product


Are you interested in saving some money on importing any of thefollowing?

- High quality thickness planer

- Bench planer

- Combined planer & thicknesser

- Woodworking machines

All of our products are very affordable as a result of beingproduced in special economic development regions of China and we are more thanhappy to help you with the import/export process too! 

My contact details arebelow, and I would be glad to hear from you.

Kind regards!


Contact again to introduce other hot product templates


Me again.

Did you already receive my mail dated on ?

Now, I'd like to recommend a HOT-SELLING ITEM to you!

Another US customer in Chicago gave me a big order in this model. Would you like to have atry in you state?

Please find the photos with manuel in attachment.

FREE samples already prepared, and will be sent to you asap.

Hope we can deal!

Kind regards,


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