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[Practical] 10 Google marketing tools for foreign trade
2018-10-10          97          互聯網     

Everyone knows about Google's "identity" of the world's largest search engine. In fact, it is a powerful marketing tool for enterprises. In addition to search engine promotion, Google also has powerful features such as social, email marketing and data analysis. Here are some very useful tools for Google marketing, and I hope to help foreign trade companies.

01Google Ads

Google Ads is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing tool in the world today. Google has billions of searches per second. If your site can be placed at the top of some search results, then the site will receive at least millions of visits, so if you want to choose a way to market your products, Ads It must be a choice not to be missed.

02Google Analytics

Google Analytics should be one of the tools that everyone is most familiar with. Google Analytics can help you see how many people are currently browsing your site and which pages they stay on longer, so you can adjust the layout and content of your site based on user visits.


Gmail is arguably Google's greatest work, and its users are now over one billion. It is by far the most popular Google tool and is still growing at an alarming rate.

In addition to Google Search, Gmail is probably the most popular app for Google. The advantages of Gmail are endless, and the most obvious is the ease of use. Because Google has a wide range of products and services, a Gmail account gives you access to almost everything. In addition, Gmail has been bundled with other companies to work with their login system, avoiding the cumbersome registration process.


The user volume of YouTube itself is very large, but many people don’t know that it is also a product of Google. In fact, Google acquired YouTube as early as ten years ago. After the acquisition, the number of users of YouTube is growing and the traffic is also showing. Good. If the company wants to promote its own products, then the advertisement before the start of the YouTube video should be a good channel.

05Google Alerts

Now is an era of information explosion, so marketers must pay attention to the importance of news. Google Alerts works very simply. If you choose the news you want on Google Alerts, Google will send you an email whenever there is a similar news on the Internet, so you don’t Will miss important news in the industry.

06Google Books

Reading is a must-have for marketers. Google Books is a great way to read, with a large number of free books. In addition, frequent access to the latest market trend journals in the industry can also help you analyze the market. And judgment.

07Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a very simple tool that can help you record your daily life. It is best known for different ways to notify you of events, including emails and text messages, which should be the most modern for modern people. An efficient way. When logging in with a Google account, the calendar can also automatically detect the event and prompt you to mark it on Google. In addition to the PC, the mobile can do the job.

08Google Drive

Google Drive can store up to 15GB of files for free, while also allowing users to update drive sizes at a lower cost. Google Drive has changed the way people think about cloud storage. The storage space for businesses and marketers on laptops and mobile phones is no longer the most important thing. They can use Google Drive to keep all data safe.

Google Drive has never encountered data theft or violations related to similar storage companies and their competitors. This is one of the reasons why most people choose Google Drive. Sometimes Google Drive is more secure than computers and mobile phones, if you After logging in with your Google account, you can remotely process your files from anywhere, anytime.

09Google Docs…

Google can now offer users free documents, spreadsheets, and form creation services in a sub-menu in Google Drive. Why is this feature highly respected by hundreds of people around the world? The reason is simple, because everyone wants to get the license keys for these software for free on Google, but no one wants to install them on their computers. License key. Of course, in addition to free, automatic saving and sharing is also the main reason for business choice.

10Google Voice

Google Voice allows you to create a separate phone number that manages all your mobile numbers, phone numbers, voicemails, text messages, etc., while others don’t have to consider which phone to call you, because just call this number You can find you. Of course, the most important point is that this tool is free.

(Source: GOVBUY Global Purchasing Network)

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